April 15th, 2005


Memory gone, Idaho people

I am finding it difficult to remember the names of a bunch of people I was close to from 1992 until 1998.

Names I can remember:

  • Samuel Couch
  • Jonas Price
  • Nelson Abbey
  • Matt Estes
  • Patrick MacQuarrie
  • Stephen Trundy
  • Darren Flint
  • Kelly Crook
  • Chip Hankley
  • Tina Miller
  • Christie Goff
  • Deanna Higginson
  • Trish Smith (though I can't remember her previous name)
  • Mike Wahl

Names I cannot remember:

  • Steve something
  • The guy with the dreads
  • The guy from Cleveland

Hmm, maybe that's not as bad as I thought. Though it does feel as if there's a bunch of people I'm not even remembering at all.


Employer loyalty

I don't believe in employer loyalty. I used to. And I've been at the receiving end of employers both appealing to my loyalty as well as had to keep job searches quiet because disloyalty was frowned on. Employers are usually quick to take advantage of our cultures reverence for loyalty.

But I've also watched folks get laid off simply because times were hard. No loyalty. In one case, laying off someone who had turned down a lucrative job offer out of loyalty. Employers have little loyalty to employees. It's called a job market for a reason.

My services go to the highest bidder, to whoever offers me the best deal. Mind you, that doesn't mean it's the one offering the most money. But I'd leave any job in a heartbeat for something better. They've shown me they'll find cheaper ways to run their businesses in a heartbeat.