March 31st, 2005


People in my life

I'm feeling particularly grateful for the presence of a few people in my life lately. None of this is particularly news.

My first shout out goes to Jason. It's been about 30 years now I've known Jason. Thirty fucking years. Before I die, I intend to get married just so Jason can be my best man. Jason is the person singly most responsible for who I am today. After Matt died I realized there were some aspects to my life that were missing (that Matt had) and that I really wanted. Jason has kicked my ass, prodded and poked me forward on those. I would still be sitting in the dark corner that is now known as the hand-job corner at the Merc, knowing 3 people and sitting at home lonely and reading, were it not for Jason. He has to put up with my fear and reluctance and sometimes irritability when I don't wanna, but I amm grateful that he sticks to it. Jason is kind and loyal to his friends, and many others as well. On top of that, I can't repeat too many times how proud I am that he's broken out from the retail hell in which he consigned himself for so many years. He'll tell you that he's not necessarily a great electrician, but he perseveres at it, and pushes himself to learn it. He's achieved journeyman status as a residential electrician, and is currently working to get the same status as a commercial electrician. He'll get it, because he doesn't give up. It's part of the plan, and once you have a plan…

The second goes to Erin. Erin is the queen of crass. In addition to being intensely amused by fart discussions, she's also very smart, extremely crafty, and makes one hell of a chicken dumpling soup. Most of my interaction with her is us amusing each other over instant messenger during the day, interspersed with frequent in person contact. I can tell her anything and everything. I want the best for her, and would do anything to help her achieve happiness. Except make out with a boy when she's around to see it. Also, did I mention she's hot? It's true. If only Deirdre would give her up so I could marry her…

Next comes Deirdre, a.k.a. Desiree. Shockingly enough, she and Erin now live together. Deirdre is the thoughtful person in my life. She probably thinks and analyzes more than I do. She's also the person that got me to working on my touch issues. Three years ago when I met her, I tended to jump if people touched me. I remember when she and Raven and I (and some other people) were leaving the Mercury. We all said our goodbyes and they turned to hug me. I pulled back and said I don't hug people. I'm still uncomfortable touching strangers, but have much fewer issues now. She'd be the oen to tell me it was okay for me to hold her hand, or what-not. Eventually it all sunk in. I treasure coffee and breakfast in the morning with her.

Beth doesn't like hanging out alone. So she sometimes hangs out with me. What I appreciate most about Beth is that she'll be brutally honest with me, but leaves me feeling better for it rather than torn up. Beth has the closest sense of humor to me. Little things intensely amuse her, and often times they end up amusing me just as much, when no one else gets it. She also quite enjoys tormenting others the same way I do. Jason is a particularly good target.

I could say more about these folks and what they mean to me, but it could take hours. I could also write about what others meant to me as well. There are numerous people who've played a part in my life recently who deserve recognition. I don't have the time. I might write them up later, as I get time. If you want a write-up though, I can be bribed.


Eco 200 is now accessible

I now have access to my Eco 200 online class. Most of the stuff looks like it's from last quarter. I'm assuming for the moment that the lesson plan will remain the same, but that the assignments may change slightly. The schedule will definitely need to change.

Now, to see if I can get my reading done ahead of time. I always seemed to start off with a bang but fade after 3 or 4 weeks.