March 15th, 2005


News flash

Bernard Ebbers convicted. Best news in a long time. When people complain about Sarbanez-Oxley and it's oh so onerous requirements on business, I'm just gonna point to this. If they'd have policed themselves and behaved forthrightly, the government wouldn't have had to.

Roger Lodge

Vacation places

I think I really need to get on this finding a woman thing so I can finally plan a vacation to take whoever she is. Every time I try to think of a vacation place to go, my mind asks but do you really want to go there alone?

Papers filed

All papers filed. That's one huge thing to cross off my list.

Next thing to do is to get all my finances into Quicken. Also, deal with some scary things that I've been avoiding for a while. I'll still probably take the easy way out on at least one of them though.