March 14th, 2005



I woke up this morning and I remember my dream. I was taking a showing at someone's house. While I was showering apparently the rest of the house was flooding with a couple of inches of water and I didn't notice. The I was trying to set up a sump pump to pump some water out a window, but they had shut off the electricity because they were afraid of shorting out the system. Except some outlets worked. Only none of them were within reach of a window, so the pump wouldn't work.



I have been working through my basket o paper. I have now dealt with 98% of it. Done is everything except the miscellaneous stuff. All my old bills are either filed away or recycled. All my account statements are filed. All my employment records are now filed. I kept the brochures and hotel receipts from my trips to India and New Zealand (for memory's sake) and those are filed away.

I'm done for the evening though. Tomorrow I finish up.

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Marty Janetty and Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Jake The Snake

Ahhhh, nostalgia week on the wrestling tonight. Marty Janetty returns and we see the Rockers.

But it gets even better! Jake the Snake makes an appearance! He's old. But damn, that man can still do a promo like nobody's business. He can still have the audience eating out of the palm of his hand even when he's fat and bald. His snake gimmick was about as bad as they came back in the day (gee, every wrestler but him is afraid of snakes…) but with one look and two sentences he could have the audience loving him or hating him.

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