March 10th, 2005

Roger Lodge

The point of dating

I think it's important to point out that dating is not about making new friends. At least not in my case. If I was trying to make new friends, I'd call it making new friends. Also, I don't need to look for new friends. I meet lots of people every day. Friendships develop naturally. I have enough friends and I don't need to go through some special dating process to add new ones. If I'm asking someone out, it's because I see a possibility of sex and romance. Sure, it may not work out. But sex and romance is the goal of dating. If you are dating to make friends, you are kind of missing the point.

Axe Murderer

Frontline Photography

So Expedia hired this outfit Frontline Photography to take pictures at the company party on Saturday. Today we got the mail linking to the photos and instructions on purchasing them. Prices for prints are reasonable. I don't want prints though. I like digital. Price for a JPEG file? $100. Yep, the one thing that costs them nearly nothing in expenses costs the most to purchase.

Rip. Off.

I won't be spending that dough.

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Axe Murderer


I chewed someone out at work today. It was unprofessional. I hate doing that. But I'm cranky.

Also, I ordered hanging folder frames for my filing cabinet. They sent 24 inch frames when I needed 25 inch frames. THey're labelled 25 inch. But they aren't. I think the woman who packed has a boyfriend been lying to her.

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