March 8th, 2005

Hard Hat

Even sicker

Today I feel even worse than I have the last couple of days.

However, I already missed one day of work, so in to the office today I'll go. I'll bail on any meetings I have and sequester myself in my office. Though really, a big part of my job is attending meetings. So the rest of my work may be accomplished in a half day.


Leafguard commercial

I'm watching my favorite white trash TV, Judge Judy. Lots of commercials for Geico and Leafguard. I don't need a non-clogging gutter system. But… with the Leafguard you get a packet of home improvement information. Prominently displayed is a pamphlet on ladder safety with a cartoon of a guy landing on his head. I want that pamphlet. Sadly, I can't find the image online.