March 6th, 2005

Roger Lodge

Company Christmas party

Had a lovely time, though I was kind of spacey. I am assured that I was a good date, but it feels as if my spaciness made me inattentive. Ah well.

Company parties are always kind of weird. I don't know how to act. Everything feels stiff and forced. Because it's company, I can't just open my mouth and say whatever I normally would with a group of my friends. Also, while I like some 80s music, the lowest common denominator cover band selection means I never really get inspired to dance. Please, no more Doobie Brothers.

I'm ready to crash now.


Bottle Slides

More memories. I remember one of the fun things about snow was making bottle slides. Build of a huge mound of snow, in pullar shape or some other suitably tall manner. Carve out a track around the side and through the middle. Place bottle on the top of track, and let it slide down teh track. Smooth out track to provide for faster bottle sliding. More fun than making snow men.



Missed dinner with my aunt. Woke up somewhat sick and totally spaced it. Missed the beeps from my PDA. I hate when I do this sort of thing.


I loaned Dogma to someone. I can't remember who. I should stop loading out my books and DVDs. My memory ain't good enough for it.


Pornography memories

Once, on my way over to Jason's house, I found some pages from Playboy on the side of the road. Jason came back with me and we collected all of them, wet and soggy though they were. I don't remember what we did with them though.

There was a flea market type of building that eventually became a Burlington Coat Factory store. One of the booths inside sold Playboys and Penthouses. Guy running it didn't ask for ID. My first pornography purchases were from that store.

The boys on the street, Mike Hlastala, Mark Townsend, Dave DelRe, and myself, had a fort in the Hlastala backyard. For a while it was merely some boards nailed up between the fence and their shed. But later we got a properly designed one with a frame that was put next to the shed. You had to crawl into it. We stashed Playboy, Penthouse, and maybe a Hustler or two in there.

BBSes in those days didn't check IDs. Hell, I doubt they do now if they even exist. Mike found a program that was a cartoon of a man with a giant schlong doing a woman doggy-style. But he couldn't view it because he had an IBM PC. So after downloading it, he copied the program to disk and we tried it out on my Apple IIe. Not sure how we did that, because drives weren't exactly compatible those days. I was what one might think of as a script kiddy those days. Prolly found some program that let me read IBM disks or something. Anyway, we could watch it on my Apple IIe. It was exactly two frames. Boring. But oooh so tantalizing to a 13 year old from a strict Catholic family. My mom found it though. A print-out of it. I don't remember if she was mad or disappointed. But I was too scared to have porno in the house until I went off to college after that.