February 24th, 2005


Retirement part 2

When do you want to retire?

As soon as you can? When you hit age 55? As late as possible?

What would you consider retirement? Not working at all? Volunteering? Working somemthing that pays crap but would be really fun for you (designing dresses, or whatnot)?



By the way, as I'm going through these back issues of my magazines, they are getting recycled. But if anyone wants them, I'd be happy to give them to you. These are issues of:

I.E.E.E. Security and Privacy
I.E.E.E. Software
I.E.E.E. Computer
I.E.E.E. Spectrum
Communications of the A.C.M.
A.C.M. Queue


January 2005 I.E.E.E. Security & Privacy

Download for nmap

Interesting new column: Digital Protection. Supposed to cover the technological, legal, commercial and policy aspects of protecting information. As in, geared toward those who have data that should be protected. Case study is on the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Interior Department which mismanaged personal information for millions of Indians who had money held in trust by the government. The case study wasn't so interesting, as I am already aware of the case. However, I'm thinking the column might be a good one generally.


April 2002 I.E.E.E. Computer

Googlewhacking. Heard about this before. Note in this issue on the practice. Everyone should give it a try at least once. Enter two words into Google which result in only one (1) page being returned. My first couple of tries: hathaway bhutan — 4550 results. damn. samadhi whale — 936 results (and it doesn't count cause samadhi isn't a google recognized word). Okay, last try for now: salicylate lignin — 740 results. This shit ain't easy.

Speechbot is a search engine for audio. Basically, it uses speech recognition to convert audio streams to text and then indexes that. Unfortunately, it doesn't look at that many sources. I tried it out to see where guests on various programs it does index mentioned Hunter S. Thompson.