January 27th, 2005


Sorting sucks

The Magnum has an in-dash 6 disc CD player. One of the nice benefits, or so I thought, was that it plays MP3 and WMA files on data CDs. This means I can RIP my CDs to MP3, then copy them to CD. Thus, I can fit 15 albums on on CD, and basically give myself 60 hours of music without even having to change a CD.

But then I discovered something today. After spending 2 hours ripping all my Assemblage23, SMP, etc., and burning it to CD, I carried my newly minted CD to the car. I put it in the CD player. It started played a song. Assemblage23. Sweet. I drove off. Next song wasn't right though. It was the first song from a different album. Not Assemblage23. After poking around, I figure out it sorts the files by name. And they were all ripped with the track number as part of the file name. So I get to listen to all the first tracks. Then all the second tracks. Then all the third tracks…

So either I have to figure out how to turn that fucking sorting feature off, or I have to rename every track. Not fun. I'm hoping I can get Windows Media to drop them in directories named after the albums, and the player takes the directory name into account in its sorting.

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