January 9th, 2005

Axe Murderer


Awkward #1: Mesh shirt. I think I look pretty good in it, but I'm not used to stuff this revealing.

Awkward #2: Noc Noc. Been there all of once. Out of my element.

Awkward #3: The Vogue. Not sure why I felt out of place.

Awkward #4: A well-intentioned but awkward comment from a friend chased me out of the pool room at the Mercury.

Last straw though, wasn't really awkward. Just uncomfortable. calimbrium's boy spilled several drinks. A largish amount of liquid made it's way to the inside of my plastic pants. So the entire right side of my from the waist down is now sticky. As is my right arm.

I took it as a sign from God and went home. I shall now retire to bed and finish American Splendor and perhaps start another movie. Lately, I've been loving the watching movies in bed on the laptop thing.


The car

Headed down to Memory Lane Motors to check out a car. It's gone. Sold. All the other cars there that I liked were also sold. Well, there were a few I liked, but out of my price range (< $20K).

This '66 Tempest wagon was the reason for the trip.

I'll have to check them out in a couple of weeks again and see if they have anything I like.


(no subject)

To the Editor:

As one who owns but rarely uses a cellphone, I find the clamor about their public use remarkable (''Taking Cellphone Rudeness to New Heights,'' letters, Dec. 30).

Is it rude to conduct a conversation in public? Of course not. Why, then, is it rude to use a cellphone? It must not be, after all, as it is simply a one-sided conversation, which is only peculiar but therefore noticeable, where an ordinary conversation would not be.

It's just a new kind of behavior. Get over it, people!

Harry Crowther
Carlisle, Mass., Dec. 30, 2004

Hear hear. Give me a glare for talking on the phone on the bus. Cheerist people, it's a goddamn public bus. If my conversation is interrupting your enjoyment of the engine noise, then you need help.