December 31st, 2004


Microsoft Passport is dead

Microsoft's Passport fails to travel far as Web strategy

Microsoft abandoned Passport yesterday, except for it's own web sites. As a programmer, it was a pain in the ass to use. As a consumer, I didn't want to tie all my purchases across multiple web sites together. So whenever I ended up on a site that required Passport, I created entirely new passports (hurray for having unlimited email accounts). As a web site operator, you don't want to lose control of your customers to microsoft either. And sometimes you might not even want Microsoft to know who your customers are.

It was a bad idea all around, for everyone except Microsoft. That is if they could pull it off. Since they didn't, it turned out to be a bad idea for them.

Monopolists don't always win.


All slutted up for New Year's Eve

I'm ready for New Year's Eve. I'm actually dressed a bit less slutty than I was last weekend. Which is to say, not very much. Still I have on a translucent shiny shirt, plastic pants, and my pretty boots. Heading out to the Mercury shortly, and later on I'll be at a party.

I'm really hoping this turns out to be a good new year's evening. The last two have been great, after many years of suck.

Tomorrow my friend Sara is driving in to Seattle with her daughter Carolyn and her husband Pat and our friend Debbi, who I haven't seen in a few years. Plan is to have dinner at a seafood place if we can find any open.

I have pie fixings too. I'll be starting on them tomorrow.