December 13th, 2004


Interesting items in October 2004 IEEE Spectrum

Article on using implanted chips to deliver drugs to patients. Didn't real all of it, because the article was too much fluff. Interesting, and scary, idea though.

Also, short interview with the author of a book about a new slow-down movement to improve the quality of life with less multi-tasking.



Melissa's karaoke birthday party at The Twilight Exit. Of note, Melissa shrugged off her 2 day old fear of getting trashed and enjoyed herself. She does a fine Patsy Cline. And, in spite of her shaking, Genevieve has a fine set of pipes. Now, if only I could carry a tune. I better learn how, cause I promised Melissa I would sing karaoke for her 30th birthday party. Luckily, I have a few years.

Also, I now have Journey's Separate Ways stuck in my head. I may punish Melissa for this by singing the damn song when my turn at the microphone comes in the years ahead.


November 2004 IEEE Security and Privacy

Great article on certifying Linux at EAL2. Not much else really interesting. The article on JetBlue's privacy policy violations was a whole lotta nothing. Gee, we knew that it was bad to give away customer data against the privacy policy like they did. But your further analysis reveals that JetBlue commits a policy violation by not revealing in the policy the fact that they allow a 3rd party image to set a cookie. Whoop de doo.