November 26th, 2004



Finally, a place where I can totally not worry about anything. I'm staying at Devi Garh in Delwara, about 22 km from Udaipur. I have only one full day left in India. Sunday is spent packing, driving to Udaipur, flying to Delhi, killing a couple of hours, and then catching a flight to Seoul very early in the morning.

Devi Garh is swank. My suite is pretty much all marble. It has a tub large enough to fit me, and I shall be making use of that facility tonight. The food is pretty close to the best food I've ever had. I need to find a good recipe for murg soyta. Tasty. Chicken & corn Indian style. The hotel is built in a palace a couple of centuries old. Current owners got for themselves a bat infested heap, and they turned it into a boutique hotel. My suite is in what I think was originally stables. It has a faint whiff of that, but that goes away with just a tad of incense. The view from the pool of the surrounding countryside and mountains is wonderful.

I took a sightseeing trip into Udaipur today. Sadly, the lakes for which the city is famous are lacking water. THe area has been undergoing drought for about 10 years. Normally, one of the palaces requires a boat to get to. At the moment, you can ride up on horseback or bullock cart. And you can't take a boat right up to the gate anymore.

Tomorrow I'm going to take a short trip to Eklingi to check out some temples there. One of them is supposed to have carvings I shouldn't let my mother see.

I have some other good news. Anyone want to guess what kind of commission store the guide took me to today? Past guides took me by rug stores (thrice), a marble inlay place, a miniature painting school and a jewelry/art store. I'll relieve the tension right now. None! He asked me at the end of the tour if I was interested in seeing any handicraft stores or anything like that, and took me to a cheap restaurant when I stated that I had all the souvenirs I needed and just wanted some lunch. So I got lunch for Rs. 70 ($1.75). Mmmm vegtarian thalis. Sad with a young couple from Frankfurt Germany. They thought Indian food was too spicy (compared to German food? no shit sherlock) while I have been surprised by how unspicy it is compared to the Indian restaurants in Seattle.

Nothing much else to add at this point. Watch for a buttload of entries to show up here sometime in December, which will contain a lot more details about the trip. They'll all be backdated though.

Anyone get their postcards yet?