November 16th, 2004



I write from the Trident Hotel just north of the old city in Jaipur. Mentally, things continue to settle down for me. Stopped at Fatehpur Sikri on the way from Agra to Jaipur. Here in Jaipur, I've visited Jantar Mantar, the City Palace, and Amber Fort. The view from my hotel room is essentially this: Jal Mahal

I've been subjected to yet another unscheduled detour to a rug & textile shop. Really fucking irritating. As soon as the guy mentioned that the prices are very reasonable I walked out. After that, the guide tried to take me to a pottery factory and to a jewelry shop. Fucking amazing that he just didn't get it after the first try.

I sent off almost all the first batch of postcards. Damn hard to get anyone to sell me enough postage. Their eyes widen when I tell them I need to send 41 post cards. No one seems to be stocked up. I got 15 from the hotel in Agra, and another 20 from this hotel. The shop-keeper promised to stock up for today. So I'll get the last of the first batch into the mail tomorrow. So uhm… I should mention that the subject matter for some of these postcards is a little risqué. I am hoping that no one (Indian post office, U.S. post office, your mother) confiscates them. Those were all of ancient statues. But remember, this is the country where the Kama Sutra was written. And the Kama Sutra (what I know of it) is tame compared to what some of these ancient kings did. Tame.

I'm homesick.

That's partially why I've checked my email and live journal once every couple of days. I'm going to do an attention whore kind of thing here. E-mail me, or post a comment here. Please. Don't really care what. Tell me what you ate for lunch. Or the origin of your mother's name. Interesting things if yu can, but uninteresting if not. Just respond somehow. If you actually give a shit about me that is (random passers-by need not bother). This is not a threat of I'll drop your from my friends list or you aren't really my friend if you don't or anything like that. But I do beseech you to respond in some manner. It'll help a lot. I've met some pretty cool Indians, but in a few minutes or a few days, I'll be moving on to the next monument or the next city.

I have no idea how I managed to survive my trip across Canada in 1997 alone. Except maybe I was a hell of a lot more shy and anti-social than I am now. I dunno.