October 20th, 2004



So I got a copy of backandtotheleft's demo EP last year. It was okay, but not great. Kind of monotonous (but yeah, I know it's a demo). I picked up the album Saturday at the CD release party at the_mercury. Much improvement! I dunno if it was more work on the part of Darren, Robert and Megan, or if it can be attributed to Tom's production. This album's got me boppin' in my office chair. If I work late tonight (which I will), I'll put it on the speakers instead of the headphones. Let everyone else left here enjoy it.

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    backandtotheleft - Conquest

Whipped cream

I get a soy mocha 2 or 3 times a week. Every time, the coffee-maker asks me if I want whipped cream on it. Hello? This does not make sense. I realize lots of people do it, but it doesn't make sense for any reason.

If you have soy because you are lactose-intolerant (like me), getting whipped cream is dumb.

If you have soy because you are vegan, whipped cream is even dumber.

If you have soy because you are cutting down on fat and cholesterol, I suppose a bit of whipped cream doesn't totally defeat the purpose. But still, saying please less fat and then asking but please add a little bit of pure fat on top makes me wonder what kinds of jobs these people hold.