September 16th, 2004


Home from Miami

Miami was hot. And muggy. I knew this before I left, but I still didn't like it. Won't ever live there.

And after complaining about the heat, I must now complain about my co-workers who went with me. Because they complained about the heat. Boys, suck it up. Everywhere we went, Could you turn the AC up? Could you make that fan point directly at us? Could you shut the door so the AC works better?

We stayed in South Beach on the recommendation of a co-worker. I wasn't so keen on the idea because figured I would be spending most of my time on work-related stuff. The hotel sucked. Don't ever stay at the Best Western South Beach. It wasn't bad enough to qualify as vile, but it was below acceptable. On the plus side, staying in South Beach meant many hot women skimpily dressed. And some that were just too fake also.