September 13th, 2004



Flying always strikes me as odd. I always imagine aliens watching humans skipping across the surface of the Earth, laughing at us thinking we are actually conquering it. We are still small.

Terrorists with nuclear weapons ?

My reading on the plane, after finishing today's New york Times, is the summer issue of The National Interest. The magazine is published by The Nixon Center, meaning this is a magazine for neo-cons. Several writers refer to the "terrorists with nuclear weapons" boogeyman as arguments for why invading Iraq was appropriate.

The possibility certainly frightens me.

But for what reason would any nation currently possessing nuclear weapons ever wan't to do such a thing? Using these weapons themselves I could understand. We certainly wouldn't turn them over to guerrilla groups because we wouldn't want to lose control. I imagine most countries, based to a large extent on centralized control, would feel the same.