August 18th, 2004



I leave tomorrow for Vancouver Island. I'm still at work getting all my shit finished up here. Then I go home, stay up late doing laundry so I have something reasonable to wear, and then pack. Tomorrow morning I get on the Victoria Clipper and head to Victoria. I spend the first night there, then drive to Tofino Friday. I shall spend 5 days in Tofino doing very little. I will be taking a stack of books. I may hike a bit, but mostly I think I will watch the ocean and read.

Deb was originally planning on going, but she needs to be on the ocean taking pictures of the ocean floor so she can prove that she's smart to some oceanographers. I'll get to see her in September.

I so need the time off. I'm starting to get a little snippy. I also had to do reviews today and that's always rough on me. Sitting in judgment of people isn't easy. I'm looking forward to the massages I have schedule during the vacation.

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