August 2nd, 2004



I had breakfast with Jason.

He got a flat tire. We fixed it (meaning he did all the work except I lifted the new tire into place).

Then I fixed his sound card. He had mute set.

Then I read Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen. Review to come later.

My life is the exciting.


Ross Shafer

I went poking around the net last night looking for Ross Shafer. Way back in the mid 80s, he hosted Almost Live. This great local comedy show lived for many years, mostly hosted by John Kiester, and was shown on Comedy Central for a while. My favorite skit was Ballard Vice. Shafer quit Almost Live to host the Late Show on FOX, replacing Joan Rivers. Alas, his numbers there sucked, and eventually Arsenio Hall took over the timeslot.

So what happened to him? He's now a corporate whore, hawking a motivational speaker rap. It appears his schtick is to convince employees to suck it up for the corporation. Oooh how the not so mighty have fallen.



I have my VISA. For India that is. I am now allowed to travel within non-restricted areas of the Republic of India until June 29th, 2005 so long as I do not stay more than 180 consecutive days.

I'm only reading my India history book on the bus now though. The author started off pretty well, covering culture of the Harappans in northwest India. But since then, he's focused mainly on who's ruling who, with a bit on royal patronage of religion. He throws out a bone on Muslims bringing paper to India, and occasional other bits. But mostly it's all about the dynasties.

Any comparative religion freaks out there want to recommend a book/website on Indian religions? India is the home of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and several other religions. It's also the second largest Muslim country after Indonesia.

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MSN Moneycentral portfolio

For the record, I hate the new MSN Portfolio Tracker. It has nicer user interface, but I now have fewer features than I had before. Stock split information is crap now. No more portfolio charting. It records pricing information better, and has a nifty feature that lets me view my portfolio as of X date. But not having portfolio charting sucks donkey balls.