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July 21st, 2004 - King Rat — LiveJournal
Private Life

What to do today. Yesterday was a lost day due to taking Vicodin®. This morning was as well. Right now my choices are read India: A History or watch Y tu mamá también. But first, I hobble across the street to the market for some food.

Don't you just wanna be me.

Oh, and later I'll write about another observation. Fun stuff.

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My birthday was last week. Thankfully no one tried to throw me a surprise party. Just so everyone knows, I hate them. I hate being subject to them. I hate organizing them. If you want to do one, do it without me. I'm not a fan of having parties for myself in the first place. Making it a surprise party for me means you won't be my friend. Seriously.

See, I just don't get it. You spend all this time and effort to make a person feel like no one cares to throw them a party. Then you yell Psych! What does this do? Bringing me down before lifting me up? Puh-lease. Two or three weeks of no one cares is made up by 30 seconds of surprise! I think not. Leave me out.

I should shut up before I ramble on the subject of birthdays. For now, let's just say I don't agree with the prevailing culture towards people's birthdays, especially mine.

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