April 4th, 2004


John Sandford (John Camp), Chosen Prey

Been trying to get my reading in, but events have conspired against me. Just now finished 383 pages of John Sandford's novel Chosen Prey. It's a crim fiction novel. Basic plot is: guys starts killing women, Lucas Davenport tracks him down. Not much else to say about it. Good bubblegum mystery. Still like the fact that Lucas Davenport is not a bumbler, nor does much of the story depend on coincidence. Though I really disliked the portrayal of the murderer as a sexual freak who literally gets off on killing women and can't really control his urges. I think that caricature has been overused just a bit too much.


Boredom and answering random questions

Yeah, I know I've filled a couple of them out over the last two years. Someone smack me.

If we're all so bored, why the fuck aren't we at least going to read a decent book instead of wasting 39 minutes answering 22 unrelated questions and posting them to our journals?

Yes, it's your journal to do with as you see fit. Post whatever you want. Just a sad commentary on American society that we can't find anything better to do with our time. And a sad commentary on my own amount of motivation that I participate in passing these things along. And now I expect a bunch of comments on why people do it. How it really is just something they do occasionally. How I'm a passive aggressive prick. How people can write whatever they want. How people learn interesting things about each other. And a few me-toos on the sentiment that these memes suck our brains and smoosh them into grape jelly. And a few comments on how people parody these memes. Etc. Someone try to say something interesting about them. Obviously I haven't yet.