March 13th, 2004

Hard Hat


They couldn't go a whole prop without requesting my help. Haven't really been able to do much, but handholding is part of the job description.


Book Purge

I've started listing books I want to purge for sale on If any of my friends & acquaintances in the Seattle area want these books, just drop email to me and it's yours for free. If you are just browsing through my journal, offer me a book in trade or pay for it via Half.


My so-called Saturday

Woke up around 11:30 noon-ish. Diddled around the apartment. Posted some more books to get rid of on Headed to Café Solstice on the Ave to hang out with Deb. Bought reading material at Bulldog News, U Bookstore, and Twice Sold Tales. Need to fill up the newly created shelf space. Returned home, found out I made my first sale on Half (some book about Chi for cats & dogs that I acquired when someone dumped their books on me). Note to self: stop by post office on Monday and ship book.

What lies ahead for me this evening? Not a whole fucking lot. Do not feel like going out, so I am going to stay home and read. According to Deb I am in a nesting phase.