March 10th, 2004


Final tally

I have the complete list entered, except for 2 books. One I know I have somewhere in the apartment. The other is an old Alice in Wonderland paperback that I need to research. Grand total is 781 books in my possession. I thought it would be more. I'll be posting a list shortly. I have a number of duplicates. On some of those, that's fine. I have a hardcover and softcover of a couple of titles that I want to keep. But I also have a couple of copies of Watership Down for instance. Some of the duplicates are already up on As are the Anne Rice books. Never read 'em. Don't intend to. They were gifted to me. One is autographed, so I need to see how much that increases the value.

For those that question my dorkiness, I submit to you that indeed I am a dork. Spending two weeks entering all your books into a database for tracking is not everyone's idea of fun. For some reason I got into it. It got me thinking about re-reading some of them. It sates the anal retentive list-maker inside. Plus, now I can keep track of who borrows my books and not have to yell out at everyone for the sins of the few.

Canyon Falls


If the weather is decent on Friday, I am going to go waterfall hunting. Probably something relative close (candidate falls are near Index or North Bend). Some relatively short hikes in (about a mile). I have no meetings scheduled Friday afternoon, soI just blocked that off as out of office. You wanna go with? Lemme know and we meet up at my place round 12:30 to 1.

If the weather is decent. Current forecast for Friday is for rain. And that makes taking pictures the suck. So be forewarned this is not a definite plan. God has to cooperate.