March 3rd, 2004


My political blog

I've added weissforoffice to blog political ideas and discussions. One of the things I wanted to do when I started gkr was to spend time thinking and writing on politics. I haven't done that as much as I should. So I created weissforoffice about a month ago. The idea is to have it separate to force myself to consider politics more because I don't want to keep the thing empty.

So if you are interested in what I have to say about politics, go there. It'll be generally issues oriented, not horse-race oriented.

Also, if you want to join up so you can post items, let me know. I have a focus I want to keep for the blog, but I haven't figure out how to articulate it yet. When I do, I'll open up membership generally. Until then, I just want to talk with folks one on one about what I want to see in the space before letting them post new articles to it. Though I suspect no one will really read it much and even fewer will have more than a passing fancy in contributing new entries.

Commenting should be open to anyone. Let me know if you have issues with that working.



I've mentioned this before, though definitely not in a long while. For a great wedding gift, get them a gift no one else will give them, Blender-Phone! It's like a clock-radio, only better. One of the first things I did after I got a real job with too much disposable income was to buy myself one of these.



This meme I can get into. Not just on this end, but on the other end as well. Anyone who posted the meme (that I saw) got me to play.

Now, on this end, I tell you why you piss me off, if you dare to know. Stolen from calimbrium, burgunder, and ogremarco.

Just post to my journal and I shall respond by telling you something about you that irritates me. Be careful though, I may not be gentle.

Breaking News

I love you all!

Well, that might be taking it a bit far. But I do want to make it clear that I actually do like the people on my friends list. Were there anything about your life or interaction with me that pissed me off to a great extent, I'd have told you by now. My previous entry text notwithstanding, my criticism does not signify that I am genuinely pissed off at anyone. Generally, my attitude toward things people do that I think are wrong is to let people make their own mistakes. People don't really need me telling them how to live their life. If it affects me and it's a hassle to work around, I'll tell you. If I can work around your foibles easily I'll do that and just not take offense. I'm not carrying around a stockpile of hidden resentment toward anyone.