February 29th, 2004

Roger Lodge

Jet CIty Improv

Kind of dorky in some respects, but a lot of fun. The whole schtick was extremely funny. The cast appears to be a bunch of U.W. students. They set ti up something like Whose Line is it Anyway? For the most part, the humor is in seeing them try to come up with something, with some humor through repitition thrown in. Some of the humor comes through parodying sterotypes of various things like college students or foreign films. One scene was the improv players re-enacting the first date of a couple of audience members (college freshman from the looks of them) knowing only a bare minimum of the romance, with the two kids ringing a bewll for correct moments and squeaking a horn for the incorrect moments. Damn fine time.

So yeah, that was why I didn't go out to the club last night.

I love how everyone I know refers to going out to the club assuming we all know that the club is the Mercury. And of course, we all do. This despite the fact that many of us frequent other clubs, especially the other goth/industrial oriented clubs like The Vogue and Noc Noc. Why do we all know we refer to the Mercury? There's a more interesting meme than the ones that float around live journal. Not much more interesting though.

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