February 14th, 2004


2:58 a.m. Do you know where Jason is?

He's calling me from the lot of the paint store. He's drunk. He needs me to come get him. Club Jason has returned. Club Jason has been an ass. Club Jason has been making out with girls. Club Jason has been groping women. Club Jason has been trying to get them to go home with him. Club Jason was unsuccessful and is now passed out on my couch.

And here I fell asleep shortly after 8 p.m. thinking that there wouldn't be much entertainment tonight.


Tomato tomato

I'm on a mailing list whose subject is China Miéville's works. Newbie to the list came on asking how to pronounce China's name, as well as how to pronounce Perdido, which is part of the title for a book of his.

What is amusing to me about the note is that the person who definitively answered the question (though several others answered) was China himself.


My new bed arrived today

New bed just arrived and they set it all up.

Oh man anyone who stays over the night is gonna get a treat. Even if I'm the worst lover in the world, you'll get the best sleep imaginable. Damn this thing is comfortable. I may just crash out again for a while.