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February 2nd, 2004 - King Rat — LiveJournal
Private Life
Thing to do list
  1. Pay someone to fix computer.
  2. Pay someone to fix sink.
  3. Finish putting chairs together.
  4. Find date for Valentine's.
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Went to the Sloane's today for a going away dinner for Amanda. Probably shouldn't have gone, because I was tired and cranky and I'm sure I wasn't very good for the mood. Had no patience for small talk. None. Some days I'm good. Other times I am not. I am never good at it with my parents and relatives.

I'm not as emotional about her leaving as Jason and the rest of the family. Besides not actually being a family member, I've already gone through this. My family is scattered to the wind. Not a strong wind, mind you. We've been blown out of Seattle mostly, but haven't gotten too far. Dan is in California. Matt was as well. Joe lives in Everett. Elaine lived in Marysville until recently. She'll be stationed in San Diego when her school is done. My mom and dad live in Lynden now. Just me and my grandparents left in Seattle. And I moved away to Idaho for 12 years.

Amanda is the first of the Sloane's to move away really. Sloanes have all moved out (and back and out again). But not really away. She's off to the Big Apple to make her fame and fortune. It's a first in their family. So it's a big change. No longer will everyone be within a couple hours trip home for dinner. No longer can anyone check up on her. She'll be separate for a while. So I understand Jason and Molly and everyone's state.

Good luck to you Amanda. I hope you find what you are looking for there. I pray that underneath it all you aren't going to get away from yourself. Everywhere you go, there you are. No one gets to start fresh, because noone can forget themselves. You will have an opportunity to experience life on the grand stage though. You'll have no shortage of adventure. And for that reason alone it'll be good for you. And fun.

And maybe. Just maybe. Maybe you'll run into a drunk Edward Norton in a bar somewhere and have the chance of a lifetime to take advantage of him.

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The high point of my day shouldn't be crossing something off my to-do list.
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I have a strong desire to do a crossword puzzle on a crowded bus entirely in heiroglyphics. Just to freak people out.

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