January 27th, 2004



Good bits about the Oscar nominations: Johnny Depp nominated for Pirates. Not often that a comedy results in a best actor nomination. Bad, Tim Robbins is relegated to supporting actor for his role Mystic River while Sean Penn gets the leading role nod. Robbins deserved the leading slot. I hope Depp gets the leading role win. Keisha Castle-Hughes was nominated as best actress for Whale Rider, which I think is matched in coolness only by Charlize Theron for Monster. I don't know who I'll root for there. Not really enthused about any of the other categories this year.


The ubiquity of cell phones

I hate that everyone has a cell phone these days. No, not that people are annoying and talk on them at inappropriate times. No, what bothers me about cell phones is calling someone who may not be home. I hate interrupting people when they are out and about. Cause most people feel the need to answer their cell whenever it rings. I don't. But lotta people do. And I don't want to have a short abbreviated phone call with them. I'd rather they call me back when they do have time. So my phone calls to people on cells are often that. And if they answer and I tell them that, people's memories being what they are, they forget. I get better return call rates when I can just leave a message.

So right now I want to call someone, but I know she's not in a spot where she can talk. Debating on calling anyway. Or just waiting an hour or so until I know she's likely done.

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