January 26th, 2004


Secret Crush again

Look, I'll make it easy, since the meme is going around again. Here's the people I had for secret crushes. So stop wondering. My criteria pretty loose, and it excludes a lot of disqualifying qualities. For example, you are married, you think I look like your brother, you are young, etc. I still put you on the list even if you would be disqualified for one reason or another. Basically, if circumstances were ideal, would I kiss you? So please don't take it as more than it is.

Formerly secret crushes: aaminahlefae, animegothgrrl, assassinpandora, badwhora, betanoir, broken_teacup, c_dawg, cagekitten, coulrophobe, daemonwolf, dangergirljones, dimenxia, dulcie77, dyann, emmrldize, hadaverde, happyclicker/nekostari, heddo98, hyperborea, josefinek, josiekitty, kittyn420, krautboy, kumimonster, ladylygeia, leenerella, lula_fortune, m_cobweb, magdalen93, mariquita, onlyjanica, psychik, raqsindira, sirensanssmile, spygirle, stryper666, tardorama, thevfrchick, tricelt, turtlegrrl13, vorona

Public (i.e., they should already know, cause I've told them at one point or another) that are now much more public: burgunder, calimbrium, drucie/dycilla, efebruary, evillinn, oracle2c, rika_rayven, sunnnnnnnnnnny

Past crushes: insolent, greenwood

Yeah, that's a good portion of my female friends. Not surprising since a lot of friendship qualities are what attracts me.

And Matt, leaving you off the list wasn't a mistake.

Now, let's see what kind of shitstorm this starts.

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