January 20th, 2004


Rumors in the night

Someone's been spreading a rumor about me that I'm hung like a horse. I did not sleep with the person spreading the rumor. I really shouldn't get naked at some of the parties I attend. Find the whole rumor quite amusing. Because I've always considered myself quite average. According to everything I've read on the subject (like 3 web pages) the average size is 5 to 6 inches. I haven't handled that many penises, so I've no independent confirmation of that statistic. Assuming it's true, either I've underestimated, or she's overestimated. It's also amusing because it means so little. Not like anyone she's told has asked me out or anything.

It's flattering though. Mostly because deep down I'm skeptical that anyone looks at me as a sexual object. I have some low self-esteem there. I'm the smart one. The brainy one. The guy that everyone thinks of as a friend. It still amazes me when anyone looks at me like I'm a person with whom they could have hot monkey sex.