January 19th, 2004


You can't change other people

I'd just like to remind everyone that the only person anyone has direct control over is themselves. One can change only themselves. Changing other people is only possible indirectly, through using influence. That often fails, and almost never happens quickly.

I look for the things I can change about myself to adapt to other people's misbehavior, rather than looking to change their misbehavior.

And no, this isn't been prompted by anyone who I know reads this journal.


Dead computer

My main computer died today. Might be able to resurrect it, but not 100% sure. I think the hard drive is starting to go bad. The registry hive is corrupted. I'll be attempting to get it up and running sometime in the next week or two. However, almost all my contact information for various people is on there. As is my stash of porn.

I think I have a way to get hold of everyone who I have plans with this week.

I think. Carla, might be best to drop me an email in case I can't dig up a working email address for you.