January 15th, 2004


Anonymous answer meme

This time I'll play along with the meme. Ask your question here. It's not really anonymous, since I know who asks the questions. But no one else will know what your question is when I answer. Or likely won't.

Ask your question

Eventually, I'll get back to writing entries of substance.


(no subject)

It's a texture and taste thing. I like em juicy and flavorful. The alternative usually is drier and more subtle in flavor.
It seems to happen about twice a month. We'll include you in the debauchery next time.
I don't think you'll regret it, but it's also not going to do for you what you think it will. Wherever you go, there you are. You'll have lots of new and interesting experiences that will help you grow and learn and you could have a lot of fun. But you can't get away from yourself. You've had a part in all the frustration and unhappiness that plagues you. To the extent that you don't address that, you'll continue to have frustration and unhappiness.

There are lots of nice qualities. One doesn't have to have all of them. Or all of them in a high degree. But these are some of things I notice

  • Passion for something. One of my greatest pleasures is watching a woman's eyes light up as she describes something she's passionate about.
  • A life. Both people must bring outside experiences to the table, and must continue to do so.
  • Confidence to take the lead. It's a trade-off. Sometimes one leads, and the other follows. Other times roles are reversed.
  • Conversation. I love just hanging out and talking. High on my list of qualities.
  • Smart, curious, well-read.
  • Treats me and others with respect.
  • Physically attractive, though there are myriad qualities that I think are attractive. For instance, overweight can be attractive. Slouching shoulders and mopey face is not.
  • Likes me.