January 7th, 2004


Meme answers, no questions

  • It stands for great king rat which is a bastardization of King Rat. I've used a variation of King Rat online since 1989. I'll take King Rat when I can get it and pick something else related when I can't. The name comes from the book by James Clavell. Read it. The China Mieville book is excellent, but not a classic. Great King Rat bastardization was taken from the Queen song. Queen is one of my two favorite bands.
  • Those of you I've known the longest: mrsloane (1975), but I don't know if he counts anymore since he's deleted the journal. dangergirljones I've known since she was born (1976?). I went to high school with spirochete (1984) but other than seeing him in the hallways I'm pretty sure I never talked to him. He was in the class ahead of me. So we won't count him for this. anonymos_bozo (1989 or 1990) I went to college with. For third place it's really a tie between randydid an rika_rayven. I met both of them when I moved to Boise in 1998. All of us were in the same circle of friends so I don't know which was first.
  • Yes. I dated insolent about 4 years ago. This is well known. There are two others in LJ land (of whom I know) with whom I've had sex. They aren't necessarily on my friends list though.
  • Oh, I guess I jumped the gun with this answer. No, not more than 5. Hell, I've only slept with 8 people stretching back a lot of years. Just going with percentages it would be hard to get more than 5 of them in LJ. 3 is pretty good for LJ, don't you think?
  • No significiant other. Taking applications.
  • I think two. sivet and elizabeth_eon. At one point I had empiress added as well. And martygreene too. But I never met any of them though I did see martygreene on the bus once and elizabeth_eon has seen me. She just hasn't ever introduced herself to me.
  • Both wingedelf and hyperborea were on my friends list before I met them. I knew who they were though. hyperborea added me and I didn't really know why so I spent a month or so trying to talk to her in person to know what was up. Rock stars though! Never talk to the little people.
  • Not really, as long as it's not some passive-aggressive way of punishing me. Course, on second thought, even that is pretty amusing so I guess not.
  • Not really feeling a connection to the person. I keep people on my list who've decided they no longer liked me and dropped me. I dropped coalblacksmith because I had no real connection and he started writing bad porn. Ewww. One person I dropped because she was crazy and vindictive nasty. Not to me or to any of my friends. But it just seemed safer. A few because of extreme inactivity. One because of excessive quizzes. I don't mind these memes, but I dislike the quizzes.
  • Personal information? Pretty much everything about me is in LJ. Even the romantic and sexual. I filter for various reasons. Once you are on my friends list though, you can see probably 95% of my entries. This is about the most personal LJ I've seen, though I don't spend much time reading those not on my friends list. Read all about my grief over Matt. Things I am learning on the job. Medical issues. Whatever.

From work: NFL Playoff Tickets - Green Bay at Philadelphia

Anyone wants these, respond quickly. I'll give em your name.

Out of town, but free. Two tickets. This coming Sunday. Courtesy of Fox Sports.

First to reply with a name, physical mailing address and phone number, gets them.

If no takers by 10:30 AM Thursday morning, we'll need to pass on them.

Hope someone can put them to good use.