January 2nd, 2004


New Year's Eve

Quick rundown of the weekend. Picked Janet up at the airport Wednesday morning. Breakfast at the 14 Carrot Café. Lounged around the apartment afterward waiting to find out what was up with Erin. Turns out Erin was scrambling for transportation, so we drove to Tacoma to pick her up. Afternoon was spent me with Dan (Janet's son) and Erin with Janet. I took Dan to the Space Needle, but he got a bit queasy being so high up, so we didn't stay up too long. Also hit the magic store at Pike Place and picked Dan up a how to do card tricks set. We spent some of the evening and next day practicing. Erin managed to help Janet get decorative clothing for a cheap price. Dinner was Chinese take out. Deidre volunteered to re-tie Janet's corset around 8. And Kelsey arrived to watch Dan around 9. And Janet and I headed off to the Mercury.

I had a blast. Lots of people I knew. Didn't have any long extended conversations, but I very much enjoyed spending New Year with so many friends. Got to introduce Janet to quite a few people on my friends list. She reads that on occasion (the public posts), and got to put names and faces to online journals.

New Year's Day we went to the Seattle Aquarium. And cooked sloppy joes from scratch for dinner.

And I got to take them back to the airport today. All in all a good trip. Very nice to catch up with Janet in person for once. And looking forward to the next visit.


Resolutions/Goals for 2004

  • Become very conversant in the positions of the candidates for President. All the major candidates for the Republicans and Democrats, as well as third party candidates who aren't on the lunatic fringe (e.g., Lyndon LaRouche) or doing it for a lark (e.g., Bob Ott's Let's Have a Pizza Jam party).
  • Have lots of good sex this year. Preferably with a girlfriend. And preferably great sex.
  • Get in good enough shape to be able to dance for a half hour straight at the Mercury without break.
  • Read a book a week on average. Had this resolution last year, didn't make it. See comment after this list.
  • Keep my basket o' paper empty.
  • Get a 4 review score.
  • Take a fiction writing class, and start getting some of my ideas written down for the consumption of others.

That's enough for now. Last year I made some resolutions. Don't really recall all of them at the moment (I'll have to go back and check). I did make on about reading a book a week. I read a lot, but didn't average that high. I don't feel like a failure though. To me, the point of having New Year's resolutions is not that I must achieve them. The point is that they are a direction for me. It's a decision and a reminder for the future of the direction I want to go.


Update on mrsloane

Since folks have asked what the deal is with Jason's LiveJournal, here's the scoop. He's taking a break. Trying to branch out of the same old same old. No LiveJournal, no instant messages, no crack board. Also, expect to see a lot less of him at Sea-Goth events or the Mercury or the Vogue for a while as well. If you want to talk to him or hang out with him, call him. Or send him email or an IM yourself. Although berating him or quizzing him about this break is probably not something he wants to do with everyone. Have something else in mind if you call him. He doesn't hate anyone (at least not any more than he used to). Just taking a break from the goth scene. Not chasing people down.

This has been a public service announcement. We now return you to your regular commercials and TV crap.

And p.s., feel free to comment here if you want (I almost never turn comments off), but I will be relaying no comments back to him. If you want him to know how much you love or hate him, tell him yourself.