December 28th, 2003


A kiss on the New Year

This is a comment I put on someone else's journal that seemed coherent enough to have it's own entry.

A kiss on New Year is not an oracle to the future of a relationship. It's not special for it's ability to tell what is to be. It's special because it tells what is. It says in effect, someone I like wants to be with me on a culturally significant (if arbitrary) day.

There's a drawback to remaining unencumbered by romantic attachments, yet also being unwilling to engage in meaningless flirtations. No meaningful attachments means no meaningful special days spent with someone. And no meaningless attachments means there is no easy substitute.

There are two alternatives (well three) without the possibility of that romantic midnight kiss. Make it a meaningful non-romantic special day, with friends or family. Make it meaningful on your own. Or (the third) convince yourself you really don't care about any of it at all.



I managed to get my wireless all set up. Now I can lounge around on the couch and read, and still see when I get instant messages.

I am pathetic.