December 25th, 2003


Pie night™

Pie night went off incredibly well. Attendees were liberpolly (the first to show), my brother Joe, butterflake, mrsloane, corvuscrx, domestinatrix, greenwood, aaminahlefae, ddigg, cagekitten, cagekitten's friend who probably has LJ but I'm not sure transcendence1, evillinn, ravenmimura, oracle2c, Lee, calimbrium, calimbrium's mom, and vulture23.

I'm glad all of you came. Christmas is hard on me. Family to-dos (which I am heading out in a couple of hours for one) are even harder. But having friends over gives me a connection to the universe that I lose around Christmas, and that I don't seem to get from family.


Christmas wishes

Here's what I want for Christmas. I know it's already Christmas morning. I'm not expecting people to run out to fulfill my wants. It's not really that kind of list.

  • I want a job for my brother Joe. He's worked his ass off to be a police officer. I hope he can become one. I also hope that he can sell a few pieces of his industrial art.
  • I want to be able to talk to my mother. I want to be able to talk to her without hearing the tone of her voice change because she doesn't understand or doesn't approve of my life.
  • I want to feel like I can dance again. I step onto the dance floor lately, and I don't know where to put my feet anymore.
  • I want everyone to buy one of Poul's paintings.
  • I want Janet to have a blast when she visits next week.
  • I want another cup of coffee.
  • I want a ride from Melissa. A smooth ride.
  • I want Darren to become a rock star. Erica too. Then I can really name drop. Or become a proper groupie. You do know Darren shaves, right?
  • I want a hobby for Jason. And a job that lasts longer than a few months.
  • I want to become better friends with a ton of people. And I want to meet more people.
  • I want to share my life and my bed with someone.
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$$/Trade for help setting up wireless network

This morning I am overcome with a bit of geeky techno-lust (for something that's been out for years). But I'm too damn lazy to do all the research myself on how to make this work. So if someone out there wants to help me out, I'll pay you or trade for services (e.g., pie, crappy software, etc.). I can purchase any equipment you tell me I need to get.

What I want is to set up a wireless network in my apartment. I have DSL with one static IP, currently assigned to my desktop. I'd prefer my desktop to remain wired. I want to have my laptop able to connect via wireless. I'd like both to sit behind NAT either on the DSL router or some other piece of equipment.

That's the basic idea. Anyone who has the expertise or skill to make it happen and wants to make a little money or pie or whatever, please respond here or via email (email address will go away after a week or so, due to inevitable spam bots).