December 17th, 2003


My political platform

This is a work in progress. It will be what I use to evaluate candidates for President and other offices. Maybe it will turn into something I use for my own platform if I ever run for office. To start, it will cover more national issues than state or local, as I am sadly not as well informed on local issues as I should be. Issues are listed in rough order of priority.

  • The de-corporitization of America. Curtailing the power of corporations in American life so that individual and community policy is paramount. Preventing the U.S. from becoming an effective oligarchy.
  • A responsible fiscal and monetary policy.
  • Liberty issues. This is a catch-all bucket for issues such as same-sex marriage, the rights of homosexuals to serve freely in the military, scaling back police power and the rule of law, scaling back copyright terms.
  • A considered multi-lateral approach to foreign policy.
  • Environmental protection and inclusion of long term environmental impact in economic analysis.

Have to run off to work now. Will add more and probably expand later. Though maybe not today.

Hard Hat


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