December 11th, 2003


Lucía y el sexo

Finally finished watching Lucía y el sexo after getting it from NetFlix over 2 months ago. I kept on trying to watch it and getting bored. The actresses are beautiful, and Lorenzo is very average, which gives me hope. But the first ࡪ of the movie are jumbled and slow. No matter how many naked breasts or erect penises I see, it can't make up for an uninteresting story. Toward the end, the director ties everything together, making the first part less jumbled. Still, it left a bad impression.

I give it 2 stars primarily for the hot chicks.


Things that scare me

Most of the meme going around I'm not going to bother with. Might have a post or two covering parts of it.

Things I am afraid of.

  1. Asking women out or making any kind of romantic/sexual move. This stuff scares the living daylights out of me. When I do this, rest assured that no matter how calm I am on the outside, on the inside I am quaking. There's a saying I learned years ago (and recently repeated in geekalpha) that you can't think your way into right living, but you can live your way into right thinking. I believe very strongly in this idea, and so I do these things in spite of my fear. What about this scares me? Rejection, partially, I think. But most of it is an unformed angst. I should also note that I am much better at this than I was years ago. BOth in just doing it, and in that my fear has lessened.
  2. Dealing with/selling my house. I have no idea what about this scares me, but I get seized up whenever I think about it.

Yep, that's only two things right now that really scare me. I have lots of little fears, but none that impact my life. I fear riding on roller coasters and other adrenaline junkie activities, but this doesn't really affect my life. I simply won't be jumping out of an airplane, so does anyone care that this bothers me? Also, spiders and needles. But neither of these are strong fears. It's almost to the point where I simply just would rather avoid them, not that I am afraid of them.

If you ever hang out with me, ask me what I was afraid of 10 to 13 years ago. The list was lengthy.


Wizard of Oz

Saw the Wizard of Oz at the 5th Avenue Theater tonight with Melissa. Quite a lavish production. Good thing this wasn't the first show in my subscription though. I might have sold off the rest of the tickets. Frankly, Dorothy was overacting. A lot. It got tiring. Quickly. Lot of other things I didn't like about the production too. The good things: the Tin Man. Loved his voice. The actors who played the Tin Man and the Scarecrow both did wonderful jobs. The Wicked Witch of the West was also well done. Lovely make-up. She looked like a witch should. And my could she cackle! If that was a recorded cackle, please don't ruin the illusion for me. And the munchkins were great! Up way past their bed time. Anyone who can get that many kids to stick to the script has got to be a good director. Their costumes were well done as well. I want one of them for halloween next year. If you love me, and you are the sewing type, you'll make me one with a built-in pot-belly.

Thanks for being my date for the evening Melissa! She's a swell girl everyone. Tomorrow (in 30 minutes) is her birthday, and she's having a party! You must go, you must!