December 7th, 2003


Soy milk

First item, I'm now using the Semalogic client to do most of my posting to LiveJournal. It's a little more convenient for entering these things, as I can save an entry and resume it before posting. However, someone really needs to fix the tab ordering in this. When I press tab, I'd really like to have the software move the cursor to the next edit field or control. Instead it jumps around in a very odd order than means it's about 12 presses between the subject and the next field, the text of the entry. Annoying.

What else I wanted to note was that I tried a soy milk coffee drink for the first time today. A couple of months ago I realized what was giving me gas was not the caffeine in my latté, it was the milk. This lactose intolerance has been relatively recent, within the last 5 years. Personally, I'm of the opinion it's a minor issue. Sometimes even, it's nice to clean out my system relatively quickly. But not when I am socializing. Deirdre and I drove to Everett today to deliver some items to Tara and let Deirdre raid some boxes of clothes that Tara was discarding. Deirdre wanted coffee, so we went to the shop with absolutely the best coffee in Seattle, Hines Public Market Coffee. I decided to be brave and try a drink made with soy milk to see how my system took it and how my taste buds tolerated it. Not too brave though. I had a mocha, which I figured would have enough sugar, chocolate, and coffee in it to mask out the soy flavor. I've only tried soy milk once before and I wasn't enamored.

Anyway, the soy milk mocha was tasty, even if it tasted a bit different. I might be able to work myself into liking soy milk by starting with the more sugary coffee drinks and eventually to using it as a milk replacement. Car companions will be pleased, I'm sure, as I had none of the ill effects that follow when I drink regular coffee drinks.