December 6th, 2003

Hard Hat

Company Christmas Party tonight

Last year I got all dolled up in Utilikilt and collar and ended up with my co-workers trying to sneak a peek when I wasn't looking. Deborah accompanied me, wearing a full-length P.V.C. (or some other artificial material) gown. The event was boring and the food was tasteless. Went to the Mercury afterward.

I'd rather not go, but politically speaking, it's a good idea to show my face for a little bit. So I shall do much the same as last year. Get dolled up (in something other than Utilikilt perhaps), make an appearance, and then go to the Mercury (where I hear it's vulture23's birthday). The theme is Carnival in Rio which means we are supposed to be colorful. I have nothing particularly colorful. Maybe an afternoon trip shopping downtown to get more colorful clothing. No date this year though. No way do I want to subject anyone to that again.


Not breaking down over Matt

One other thing I've noticed this year that is different from last year is that not once have I become non-functional remembering Matt. Last year I walked to Pacific Science Center to get tickets to Star Wars, and on the way back I just started bawling. All the time this would happen. This year it hasn't happened. I miss him very much, but the random emotional breakdowns have ceased.

I don't know if I am glad for that or not.