November 29th, 2003

Roger Lodge

Blind Date

So this afternoon at breakfast I was set up on a blind date for tonight. I have a policy of not turning down first dates (with some exceptions), so I agreed. But these things have a way of going horribly wrong. Anybody on my friends list who is a universal blood donor, could you be at the ready in case of tragedy?

Yeah, I'm kind of scared. Everyone I've asked out for the last three years I've known before I did. Fear of the unknown now rears its ugly head.

Luckily for me, there's really not enough time for me to obsess about how I can screw this up. I have to spend the next 4 hours tidying my place on the off chance this goes well. And yes, I know I obsess over things and think too much. It's a curse.


Bubble wrap

I can't ever seem to throw away bubble wrap. No, it won't ever be useful. I only ship items extremely rarely, and when I do, I can purchase any packing I need. I keep the bubble wrap because it's fun to pop the bubbles. But I want to make it last, so I don't pop all of them. I am going to do something new and drastic for me. I am going to take the bubble wrap in which my New Zealand pottery was packed and pop all the bubbles, then throw it away. And it will be OK.

Kids, it's moments of clarity like this to which you can look forward when you reach your 30s.