November 24th, 2003


Do you care?

First job: Ice cream scooper
First screen name: WTF is a screen name? I've never used AOL. First account name? weiss872 (automatically assigned by University of Idaho).
First self-purchased album: Either Wham! Make it Big, or Depeche Mode Some Great Reward. Can't remember.
First funeral: First one I remember is my grandfathers. Probably had others before that though.
First piercing/tattoo: None.
First credit card: Not sure specically. SIgned up for too much credit early on in college. Probably AT&T's universal mastercard, but it could have beena store card of some kind.
First true love: I dunno.
First enemy: Don't have any. Have lots of people who don't like me, but so far I haven't inspired anybody who will go out of their way to get me.
First big trip: Germany right after high school. Did some others with the parents as a youngster, but those weren't my trips.
First concert: Platinum BLonde at the Paramount. Cause it was like $1.
First musician you remember hearing in your house: Johnny Horton.

Last big car ride: Auckland, New Zealand to Queenstown, New Zealand
Last kiss: Made out with a drunk Natalie in August.
Last library book: Been a while. Avoided the library because moving so often.
Last movie seen: Uptown Girls on the plane without headphones (so much better making up my own dialogue I bet)
Last beverage drank: Nestea
Last food consumed: Fettucine
Last phone call: Made - customer service. Received - RBC Dain Rauscher financial advisor
Last cd played: Dunno. Erin brought the music for the car in NZ, and I forget which was last.
Last annoyance:
Last soda drank: Ginger ale
Last ice cream eaten: Vanilla
Last time scolded: Thursday
Last shirt worn:
Last Web site visited:

First two New Zealand entries are up

From Sunday and Monday morning, the 8th and 9th. Like I wrote, these are back dated, so you need to find them either via the calendar, or via my main journal page. They won't come up on your friends pages.

These weren't actually written then. I made some notes along the way, but I've added quite a bit from memory as well. And links. I'll be liberally using links.