November 4th, 2003



Up too early. Fell asleep around 10 p.m. and woke up at 4 a.m. I need more than 6 hours sleep, and I am tired right now, but not tired enough to fall back asleep for another hour or so of shut-eye. Seems like lately I am only sleeping for 6 hours at a time, unless I somehow get less. Then I get really tired and will crash out for 12 hours the next night. Sevent hours would be better I think.

Thank you for reading this crap of an entry.

New Zealand

Postcard requests

Barring calamity, Friday morning at 7 a.m. I will board a flight to start my journey to New Zealand. I plan on taking lots of pictures. As my camera is not digital, most won't make it online (I'm lazy about scanning), but feel free to look at them when you are at my place for pie night or other gathering.

Will be writing a travel diary while there, and I'll post much of it online as well.

If you want a postcard, you should post your address here (or email it if you have stalker issues). Get your requests in by Thursday night.

New Zealand

Things to do

  • Arrange Guinevere feeding
  • Laundry
  • Purchase film
  • Purchase camera batteries
  • Purchase micro-cassette tapes
  • Get fat pen for writing
  • Suspend mail for the two weeks I'm gone
  • Suspend delivery of N.Y. Times
  • Print nicely formatted list of addresses
  • Submit payroll forms for vacation time
  • Make sure bills are current
  • Print info about attractions for the trip
  • Purchase good road map of New Zealand

More as I think of it.


Ciao, America! by Beppe Severgnini

Ciao, America! coverFinished Ciao, America!, by Beppe Severgnini this weekend. This was a impulse purchase at Elliott Bay Books a month or two ago. Every time I buy large numbers of books, I make sure one of them is more or less at random. That was this one. Basically, it's an Italian's observations on America and Americans. I didn't find it all that interesting as a whole, though some of his observations were humorous and witty. Might use (refer to) some of them in my own writing. But not worth buying. You already know most of this stuff.