October 19th, 2003


First person shooter

I just woke up from a 5 hour nap. I still remember my dream mostly, which is rare. I am some kind of destructive hit man or something. I'm moving through out a warehouse like a 1st-person shooter game, attacking people, setting fire to the place, destroying property. I've got some kind of radio device in my ear. No wait, I don't. I am just hearing the discussions of the people who've hired me and are working back-up in case I fail to kill or destroy the right part. Some of them are doubtful. I've rolled into view of the people I'm hired to kill. The voices are saying I blew it, but I'm thinking they've just seen a frog-man type of person appear, they're going to check it out. SOme of them do, and I roll back out of sight so they follow and that pulls them into my grasp. I use a flame thrower on the grassy (like 3 ft grass) area they are standing in, and they die without my directly aiming at them. Then I go after the two others and get them. And the voices are now complimentary, impressed I knew what I was doing.

I have to say, I think this is a pretty disturbing dream. I think I might have had it before, too.


New books

Didn't get them at Bookfest through. 3 books there, 2 of which I bought at the Seattle Mystery Bookshop booth. Could have just stopped downtown for those. Decided to go by University Bookstore onthe way home, and bought a crapload there.

Bookfest ain't what it used to be. It's been on a decline since I first started going in 1999. I was hoping that with the addition of the $10 fee to get in, they had upgraded the offerings. No. Fewer publishers. Fewer exhibitors. More exhibitors of the making paper and blank journal variety than of actual publishers. The small publishers that showed were mostly of the new age variety. And only 5 authors with their own booths hawking their self-published books.

Although I did notice that a past author with his own booth, Joshua Ortega, has now been published by a larger publisher. He self-published ((Frequencies)) which I picked up at Elliott Bay. I've talked to him at his booth every year. Cept he wasn't there this year. But at the U-Bookstore I saw his book, in hardback, on the shelves. Congratulations in getting an actual publisher, although I think he was doing decent sales with the self-published version.