October 17th, 2003


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  1. I am a dork. No two ways about it. Smoove.
  2. Can she strangle a chicken?
  3. Flower Drum Song was good. I enjoyed it immensely. Kind of surprising since the main musical I don't like is The Sound of Music, also by Rodgers and Hammerstein. Only bad thing about it was occasionally they fucked up the sound and it really distracted when they did. As in, all of a sudden one of the actors would sound like she was in a tin can or something like that. BUt overall, quite enjoyable. Now I am actually looking forward to the rest of the series.
  4. The asswad at Elephant and Castle who told us they were open after the show, but who neglected to tell us there would be no food at that point… yeah you can die in a fire. Thanks.
  5. And the moron at the valet parking, when I tell you that you need to punch in a 4-digit code to start the car, you should have probably paid attention. I tipped you anyway, but you are still a moron.
  6. I feel old sometimes. I have a 9 to 5 job and I don't get to run off and do stupid shit anymore. I don't really miss childish behavior, but I sure feel out of place sometimes. I feel like The Establishment.

Thus endeth the night. Work tomorrow. Also, tomorrow I decide where to go on vacation. Anyone wanting to go get your requests in before 5 o'clock. If you are pretty enough and can kiss well, maybe. Gonna put in my request for hotels, flights, whatever with our internal travel department sometime between 5 and when I go home.

Now to bed.


She can strangle a chicken

At work today, a co-worker I never met sent a message to our Announcements alias requesting someone to drive his car back to Seattle. Somehow he had both his cars at work. Since I bus there, this was perfect for me. He left the key on my desk while I was in a meeting, and I drove it to my place. He said he'd pick it up here tonight.

Had home-made chicken and dumplings tonight. Tasty. I was totally starving and had to smell it while a nice young lady was cooking it for me.

I reserved a Flexcar, and while we were walking to it (damn Flexcar for only having one in my neighborhood, had to walk to the next neighborhood), I got a phone call from my co-worker. I should mention I've never met him. Works in another building in a totally different department. He was telling his wife that someone named Weiss had driven it to Seattle, but he couldn't remember my first name. Bill, or Phil or something. Phil Weiss according to her, and he replied That's it. Asked me, do you know Joan Stipek? Holy Shit! Girl I went to elementary christian school with through 8th grade. I had the biggest crush on her in 5th or 6th grade. Her or Kirsten Lie, I can't remember who was my first crush. One of them. About the only names I can remember from that period of time without looking back through old school directories. Seeing as how we went to Christian school together, I threw in about 5 more Holy Shits before I got off the phone with him. He's gonna bring her by sometime when she comes by the office.

Took her home. Lights were off. She invited me inside. Sadly, her roommate was home. Lights just didn't show through the window shades. No making out. Maybe next time.

Have to work tomorrow. Not all day, but a little bit. Can't go to bookfest tomorrow cuz of that. Definitely Sunday though.