October 9th, 2003



I know I have been strangely silent in LJ land. Some people go for days, weeks and months without posting entries. Me, if I go several hours without an entry people ask me what's up.

In this case, Tuesday was a hectic day at work. I headed straight to the airport from work for a recruiting trip to Washington State University. I brought my newly purchased laptop, with my newly purchased wireless card. However, I was not sure where in Pullman I could find some place I could hook up. I did find one, but I was not lugging the laptop with me at the time. Figured you all could do without me for a while. Besides, I really have nothing to say. Not that it matters, because it's my fucking journal and if I wanna say nothing, I'm damn well gonna. Like right now.

Ran into one guy I know in Pullman. Got some new True Love on the Palouse gossip. You folks think sea goth is a circular dating pool, you should see the group I hung out with from 1992 through 1998. Whoooooo-eee! And the merry-go-round didn't stop after I left. (And while I have a relatively drama free image now, at one point, I was in the thick of things.)

Naked people can now return.


Talking to my cat

I don't talk to my cat in baby-voice. She's a cat. Baby-voice is supposedly good so that toddlers learn to speak. Cats will never learn to speak.

However, I've decided to start talking to my cat in pigeon English alá Asian immigrant store owners.

Why you scratch me? I treat you nice! I feed you plenty tasty cat food!