October 4th, 2003


The latest quiz

I don't understand this latest A-Z quiz at all. There's no interesting information to be gained from any of the answers. Most quizes are crap anyway, but possibly one or two things are interesting. This one, ain't got nothing interesting on it. Who cares what is the item of make-up that one considers indispensable? Not even how many people I've slept with is interesting. You would think watching everyone try to find yet another humorous (but not really) way to avoid answering that question, or tell people to buzz off on it would be interesting. But no, it's not interesting to watch people avoid that question even.

And for the record, it's 7. Seven people I've slept with. Should that be embarrassing? Just too weird watching people go through contortions to avoid telling a number that is of little interest in the first place.


Lies, and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them

dust jacketShockingly enough, I have been reading. I think I've forgotten to post my review of The Final Country, so I'll have to get around to that sooner or later. However, I've also finished Al Franken's latest book, Lies, and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them. It's a damn good read. Not exactly new information for me though. Most of the material has been previously revealed in other forums, most notably the Daily Howler and by Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. However, Al Franken brings humor and satire to the exposé of the right that few other liberal writers do. Plus, Al Franken has a wicked sense of jackassery that is better than Michael Moore and more intelligent as well. For instance, he devotes a chapter to a visit he and a staffer made to Bob Jones University, posing as a kid and his guardian contemplating attending the University. Another chapter is a comic strip about Republicans who avoided military service as members of the armed services in time of war. Makes you want to reinstate the draft.

And lastly, Al tries to introduce a new term into the language, that I think should be spread around liberally. Kidding on the square is how he refers to joking about something but not really joking, like me joking about being Sunny's 100,002nd, but where really I am kind of hoping she'd take me up on that. Anyway, spread the term. Kidding on the square.

Read the book. If you are liberal, you'll think it's funny. If you are conservative, you'll probably think it's funny too. Unless you have a stick up your ass. In which case, it'll get wedged in even tighter and sideways and will hurt and make you grimace. Which is all right too.