September 20th, 2003



So, Erin was supposed to clean my place today, except she was late. Didn't get here til 5. Couldn't watch porn and masturbate cause she was here. Thought, no biggie, there's always later. Except now that I decided to close down the Mercury for the first time in a long time, I am home in the middle of the night and my favorite online source of porn is down. What's a man to do?

Losing weight

According to my bathroom scale, I now weigh about 190 pounds. Nine pounds less than a few weeks ago when I was told I need to lose weight for my foot to improve. Haven't exactly been exercising, as I have been running around having a social life. But I've been making a conscious effort not to overeat. Often times I was finding myself eating when I wasn't hungry or when I was already sated.

Course, this is a bathroom scale and not the more precise scales used at the doctor's office. Last gym I used had a better scale, but it'll be a bit still before I actually make it to a gym.