September 4th, 2003


Doctor results

Cholesterol just out of normal range. Don't have the AIDs or herpes (not even cold sore herpes) or any of the other STDs for which they tested. Still waiting on the results for a couple of things. Have an appointment tomorrow to see a dermatologist. Doctor is concerned about my moles.

Short version is that I am pretty damn healthy other than physical condition and stress. And I am free to have wanton sex without fear of infecting someone. Course, after the first incident of wanton sex then I have to start worrying about infecting people again. Can one instance of sex be wanton?


Ten things stories: Shot a rifle.

This story is going to be pretty short. I only vaguely remember. Sometime around the summer after 5th or 6th grade, I attended Miracle Ranch, a summer camp run by Crista Ministries which also ran the private elementary school I attended. I remember swimming. I remember being on a canoe. I remember the cabins, though that could be cause 5th grade spent a week there during the school year as well. I also took the shooting class during my summer camp session, and got to shoot a rifle a bunch. My recollection is that I was pretty accurate with the rifle, but our targets weren't that far away really. It was a .22.

That's all I remember. Unless I run into someone who also went and they can jog my memory.