July 19th, 2003


Voodou, Hate Dept. and Hanzel und Gretyl

Went to the show at the Catbox last night. Stood in line for a bit, got our hands stamped, and then went ot Marcus Martini Heaven for drinks. Cause Catbox drinks are pricey and watered down. Even the cokes are $2. Liked Voodou a bunch, and Hate Dept. even more. Second time I've seen them play. Some folks didn't like the new stuff they played, but I thought it was good stuff. Bought a Voodou CD. I like to buy CDs from the bands at shows. Prolly should have bought a Hate Dept. CD.

I didn't enjoy Hanzel und Gretyl. Not at all. On top of that my ears hurt after a bit due to sheer decibel level, so I stepped outside and waited there until the show was over.

Hope the hangovers I induced weren't too bad.